Nomadic Ecuador Informs



In order to re-activation of tourism activities in the country, Ecuador´s Government and the COE (Government emergency Committee) have established protocols for arriving international passengers:

“RT-PCR test requirement for entry into the country:

As a requirement for entering the country (air, land or sea), all persons must present a negative RT-PCR test to the Ministry of Health staff, issued maximum 10 days before arrival in the country. This time frame is valid for passengers who must depart and return to Ecuador within the allotted time.

Mandatory Preventive Isolation (APO):

For people who enter the country (air, land or sea) that do not have a legitimate RT- PCR test to present to Ministry of Public Health officials must undergo the Mandatory Preventive Isolation (APO) for 10 days. The place of the APO will be the one that the traveler indicates upon their entrance to the country. In the case of presenting symptoms, the traveler will be handled as a COVID-19 suspected patient.

Corporación Quiport reminds citizens that it is the responsibility of national and municipal authorities to approve changes or extensions to the protocols in accordance with the evolution of the health situation in Ecuador. We ask everyone to stay informed through official channels.


While the health emergency is in force, people who enter the province of Galapagos must comply with the following protocol provisions according to their migratory category.

All migratory categories are exempted from the Mandatory Preventive Isolation (APO) provided they have a negative RT-PCR test for detection of COVID-19 with a maximum validity of 96 hours prior to entering the province of Galapagos.

Service Voucher issued by legally registered travel agency, cruise, tour operator or hotels; indicating the services has been confirmed previously in order to visit Galapagos Islands. Galapagos Transit Card and Galapagos National Park fee will have to prepay in advance.

For your information:


  • Foreign tourists who have certified laboratory results from their country of origin within the timeframe established in this protocol may present that document to enter the islands.
  • In the case of domestic tourists, the RT-PCR tests must be carried out only in laboratories authorized by the Ministry of Public Health.
  • Both domestic and international tourists must have a valid authorization for organized groups issued by the Ministry of Tourism.

We ask passengers to heed these recommendations to take your flight safely and efficiently:

  • Check in online to speed up processes and save time at the terminal.
  • Arrive at the airport four hours before international flights and two hours before domestic flights.
  • Avoid wearing metallic objects to speed up security screening. If you carry loose change, keys or any metallic object, please place it in your hand luggage.
  • If you arrive with plenty of time before your flight or you wish to greet a passenger arriving to the city, remember that you can wait in comfort at the Quito Airport Center which offers multiple services with all health security measures.
  • Only passengers with a confirmed flight and who present a boarding pass or flight ticket can enter the terminal. The entry of relatives or companions is prohibited.
  • Airline tickets are not sold at the airport, so do not go to the airport to buy a ticket. Purchase your flight through airline and travel agency websites.”