Ecuador Wonders

Ecuador Wonders

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Canopy Walkway + Galapagos + Museums

Nomadic Ecuador is a bespoke tour operator.  We create your program according with your interests, budget, time and requirements. Hereunder you can find a sample of a special itinerary which includes the highlights of Quito and Guayaquil, markets, the nature of Galapagos and the mystery of Amazon rainforest; this experience is complemented with cozy hotels, cruises, top guides, private services and delighted hotels and cruises.




  • Heritage World City: Quito
  • Colonial Art, Local Market and community
  • Luxury Amazon rainforest lodge (3 nights cruise)
  • Remote locations & Endemic Wildlife (Red Foot Boobies!)
  • Responsible Tourism
  • Discover the amazing Galapagos (4 nights cruise)
  • Private service, friendly staff and Top guides
  • Snorkel with sealions, relax, culture and wellness



Special: Rate Includes:Galapagos Flight Ticket.

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    English Speaking Guide
    Excursions and Vistis
    Galapagos Cruise
    Galapagos Flight Ticket
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Welcome to the country of the 4 worlds: Highlands, Amazon, Galapagos Islands and Pacific Coast. Your private driver-guide will be waiting for you at airport: Welcome! Quito is the capital and the largest city of Ecuador, and at an elevation of 2,850 meters (9,350 ft) above sea level, it is the second-highest official capital city in the world, after La Paz, and the one which is closest to the equator. In 2008, the city was designated as the headquarters of the Union of South American Nations. Quito and Kraków (Poland), were among the first World Cultural Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO, in 1978. Overnight in the selected hotel.

DAY 02: QUITO “Luz de América”:

Today, your private guide will pick you up at your hotel and take around the historic center of Quito. The historic center of Quito has one of the largest, least altered and best-preserved historic centers in the Americas. Our guide will transfer you to our colonial past, narrow streets, old and historic buildings, and small workshops. This is a walking tour which allows you to catch with your camera the best of our colonial history; the architecture and surrounding landscapes will give you the best scenery.

Casa del Alabado Museum (Pre-Columbian art):

Ecuador’s ancient cultures inhabited all the region’s varied geographical areas, ranging from the Pacific coast to tropical forests and the mountains of the Andes. These cultures created extraordinary artefacts for ceremonial and utilitarian purposes in pottery, stone, conch, metal, textiles and wood. The technical skill and diversity of styles and shapes of outstanding aesthetic value are the most significant characteristics of this collection.

The Museum is housed in one of the first residences to be built in the city of Quito, during the seventeenth century. The name “Casa del Alabado” (“House of the Praised One”) is taken from an inscription carved in stone at the entrance: “Praised be the most holy sacrament. This entrance was finished on 1st July 1671”. For over four hundred years, the inhabitants of the Santa Clara neighborhood have read this inscription and called the building the “House of the Praised One”.

Visit La Compañia Church: caved entirely out of volcanic stone, the ornate Baroque façade of this Jesuit church is probably the most exquisitely executed in Quito. Lunch in a local traditional restaurant.

Souvenirs and gifts? Visit Artisan La Mariscal Market to pick up crafts, embroiders, tapestries, paintings, fine design of silver jewelry, Andean musical instruments and much more!

Visit La Capilla del Hombre Museum: The painter Oswaldo Guayasamin La Capilla del Hombre ("The Chapel of Man") occupies a site in Bellavista overlooking the city of Quito, Ecuador. The Capilla is a purpose-built art museum dedicated to the peoples of Latin America. Construction of Guayasamín's masterpiece began in 1995 and unfortunately was not completed until 2002, after his death.

Although this chapel contains fewer pieces of Guayasamín's art than the nearby foundation and museum, the building he designed provides an atmosphere specific to his artwork to view his paintings. The Capilla del Hombre exhibits Guayasamín's work as a history of human suffering and violence in Latin America and the world. It includes sculptures and murals and integrates the surroundings into an artistic interpretation of the subject.

Restaurant for our welcome dinner. We will enjoy of modern Ecuadorian cuisine. Bon appetite! Return to your Hotel (B/L/D).


Depart Quito ́s airport at 11:00am (subject to change). A 30-minute flight over the Andes Mountains leads you to a bustling oil town called Coca located in the Amazon Basin. A quick lunch in Sacha ́s private house and then it’s off to the town docks where you will board Sacha ́s private canoes for the 2-hour journey down river to Sacha ́s Lodges property. A 30-minute hike through the rainforest leads you to lake Pilchicocha. Here, you are met by native workers to paddle you across the lake to your final destination. Arrive at Sacha Lodge around 15:30 or 16:00 pm (subject to change). Swim in Lake Pilchicocha, which is a black water lake home to many species of fish and animals. A refreshing swim after arriving may be just what you need after being in the equatorial heat all day. Bird observing from the mini tower offers guests an excellent opportunity to view several species of birds common around the lodge. Also, a great place to watch the sun set. Visit the butterfly house with your naturalist guide to view the beautiful colors of many different species of butterflies. After dinner, accompany your naturalist guide on a night walk through the rainforest to view the hundreds of different species of animals that can only be found at night. Or maybe a canoe ride on the lake to view the spectacled and black caimans with their glowing orange eyes as you silently paddle across the lake to get a closer view. (B/L/D).


Begin morning activity between 6:00 and 7:00. Begin walking on trail Liana Chica and arrive at the canopy walk, for spectacular views of the rainforest canopy and the many different species of vibrantly colored birds.

Designed to be a self-standing rigid suspension canopy walk, it is one of only a few in the world! Located within Sacha ́s private reserve, 2 miles from the shores of the Rio Napo and 1 mile from the lodge, the bird walk gives guests the opportunity to get an up close and personal view of the rainforest canopy. Two of the three towers have observation decks every 12 meters making towers accessible for everyone. The canopy walkway is at 36 meters high and 275 meters long, giving guests a “birds eye view” of all the wonders and beauty the tropical rainforest has to offer. The canopy walk is designed as a sturdy walkway enabling guests to casually move along while enjoying the spectacular views. After the canopy walk, Liana Grande through terra firme and igapo forest habitats where native guides will explain many different species of medicinal plants that have been being used in their culture for hundreds of years. Liana Grande will turn into the trail Higueron, which will take you through pristine primary forest with huge Kapok and Fig trees towering hundreds of feet above your head. After lunch, you may choose to take a leisurely hike along the Rio Napo or choose a little more challenging hike on the trail Leoncillo to try and spot the elusive dusky titi monkey. Either way the trails will lead you back to the main board- walk for your final hike and canoe ride back to the lodge. (B/L/D).


Leaving the lodge after breakfast, you begin your hike on trail Lagartococha. This trail offers you the chance to learn more about the native people and their relationship with the forest. Learn about the trees where native people believe the spirits of their ancestors live, and the mysterious devil-man of the forest. After arriving at lake Lagartococha, take a canoe ride through a natural swamp, which is the home of anacondas, caimans, and capybaras. After the canoe ride, a walk on the other side of Largatococha may give you the opportunity to spot capuchin or squirrel monkeys playfully jumping through the trees. Return from the walk or canoe ride and head back to the lodge for a refreshing dip in the lake, or a nice relaxing nap in your personal hammock on your private balcony. After lunch, your native guide will teach you how to fish for the infamous razor-toothed piranha. Keep in mind that piranhas will never attack a person and swimming at the same time is perfectly safe and fun! Around 15:30 you will begin what many think is the best trail at Sacha, a silent canoe ride through the flooded Amazonian forest. Where you have a good chance of being surrounded by troops of squirrel, capuchin, and howler monkeys. Keep your eyes peeled for the shy and elusive river otter as well as the incredibly well camouflaged three-toed sloth! After your eye-popping ride through the flooded forest, you will arrive at Sacha ́s135-foot wooden tower built around an ancient Kapok tree. Get close up views of vibrantly colored birds through Sacha ́s powerful scopes, and watch the sun set with an amazing view of Mount Sumaco, a volcano, and possibly a view of the snow-covered caps of the Andes! Leaving the tower just before or after sunset will give you an experience not soon forgotten. A canoe ride back through the flooded forest at night will be an awe-inspiring experience. Listen to the symphony of frogs and insects as you navigate through the narrow-flooded forest trail, keeping your eyes open for caimans. Watch the several species of bats flying over your heads and listen to the many species of nocturnal birds making their eerie nighttime calls. Finally, after your mesmerizing canoe trip through the Amazon, you will arrive back at lake Pilchicocha and the welcoming lights of Sacha lodge. (B/L/D).


Breakfast and a departure from the lodge at 07:30am. One last walk on the boardwalk to the river, and from there a 2-hour canoe ride back to Coca for your 35-minute flight back to Quito. Arrive Quito at 12:30pm (subject to change). Return flight to Quito. Transfer to your hotel (near to Quito airport). (B).


Flying from Quito or Guayaquil, our flight will arrive to Baltra Island at around noon (local time), where we will be greeted by our guide in the lobby, who will be waiting for our arrival to drive us to Yacht Anahí. Your baggage will be handled by one of our crew members who, aboard the small Zodiacs will transport you directly to the yacht. The captain and the crew will welcome you on board, and then you will have your cabins assigned. After lunch, our guide will give you a brief explanation of the afternoon activities. Bachas Beach: The sand of the beach is made of decomposed coral, making it white and soft, while it is also one of the favorite nesting places of sea turtles. Nearby, we can also find a small lagoon where we will be able to observe flamingos, black-necked stilts, thrushes, as well as two old ships that were abandoned during the Second World War. Furthermore, we will also find sea lions, marine iguanas, and seabirds resting on the beach. We will enjoy the tranquility of the beach as well as spend some time with the playful sea lions that like to swim with the visitors. At 7 pm. we will have an official welcome, followed by a delicious dinner. After dinner, your guide will give you information on the following day’s activities. (B/L/D).


Darwin Bay: A beautiful bay area due to the great diversity of seabirds that nest in the mangroves that dominate the area. These include red-footed boobies, Nazca boobies, swallow-tailed gulls, Galapagos petrels, seabirds, Darwin finches, mockingbirds, and Galapagos doves.

Prince Philip's Steps: We will climb 25 meters of stairs at one of the best bird nesting sites on the islands. We will have the opportunity to snorkel, kayak, hike, and take a ride in a panga. (B/L/D).


Plaza Islands: These islands have an unusual vegetation, which creates an interesting landscape that helps to enhance the fauna and the flora of the Galapagos. It is also possible to observe land iguanas in the shade of cacti. The main attractions of the Plaza Islands include land iguanas, sea lions, and swallow-tailed gulls, as well as lizards, island insects, red-beaked sparrows, frigate birds, and pelicans that glide down the cliffs. Then we will return to the yacht for lunch and a deserved rest. Santa Fe Island: An extremely scenic island, where we can visit two different trails, with one of them leading to a beautiful viewpoint on the top of a cliff, where you can find endemic land iguanas of the island. The other trail is a small circular path close to the beach, where we will be able to observe another colony of land iguana. Here we will also have the possibility to kayak, snorkel, panga ride, or walk, in order to observe and enjoy nature. Then we will return to the yacht for dinner and a time of relaxation. (B/L/D).


Punta Pitt: Considered as one of the most beautiful and impressive sites in the Galapagos, it has become one of the favorite nesting sites for seabirds. Here we will be able to see three species of frigate birds and their nesting sites in the same area. Then we will return to the yacht for lunch. Kicker Rock: A gigantic and impressive rock formation known locally as “León Dormido”. On the cliffs we can see a number of blue-footed boobies, pelicans, and other seabirds. During our snorkeling activity we will be able to observe sharks, sea turtles, stingrays, and several species of colorful fish along with the impressive rock formation. Later on, we will take a walk on Lobos Island, a small islet separated from the main island by a narrow stretch of calm water. The atmosphere of the isle helps to enhance its tranquility and primitive beauty: an example which is typical of the Galapagos Islands. (B/L/D).


In the morning, our guide will take us to the top of San Cristóbal Island. Following, our tour has 2 options. The first option starts from Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, and involves a visit to the El Junco Lagoon. For hundreds of years, rainwater and condensation have caused an accumulation of water in the caldera of an extinct volcano, creating a paradise for frigate birds and turtles. Alternatively, we will visit the “Cerro Colorado” turtle breeding center. There we will have a pleasant walk along a path that allows us to be in close contact with the turtles, that can vary from the smallest to the oldest of giants. After our visit, we will depart for the airport for our return flight to Quito. Arrive at Quit and Transfer to hotel. (B/-/-)

DAY 12:

Breakfast and Transfer Out. See you soon and we hope you visit us again! End of services.

  • This itinerary is subject to change without notice, due to seasonal changes, weather conditions, Government or Galapagos National Park regulations.
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